Boko Haram, “meaning western education is evil”, has invariably succeeded in most of its operations in the country(Nigeria), mostly in the north east where it has kill thousands of innocent soul,destroy billions worth properties,burn down religious houses,kill security personnel earthly responsible for our safety,violated all the country law, threaten religious leaders and even violated all major holy books. in the worst of its actions, has threaten the unity of a unified country that has existed for decades. then suddenly it agreed to an unconditional ceasefire at the EVE of the RAMADAN.Hmmmmm.

so even in the darkest heart,there is an atom of light. who might ever think that such a nefarious activity carried out by an unprecedented fraternity been aided out of the creed of corruption lusting after the power of a nation, which is supposed to be used to protect its own citizen,but been used as a link to selfishness would unconditionally come to an end so sudden.

but in the real sense, looking from a more constructive perspective, could it be that it is afraid of risking the life of the very people it thought its fighting a significant part of its course for in seeking for an Islamic nation in this festive religious period?,are the main sponsors of this fraternity actually going bankrupt?,its the nation tightening all its noose on it?,if it was actually fighting for a cause, why should it surrender without a truce?,or could perhaps all this be a charade to deceive the government to retract all its opinions about it, withdraw all its troops from its main captivity domain and allow it enough time to lay ambush and draw a more constructive plan in other to successfully regenerate its operation beyond the capacity that could be easily controlled by the government turning Nigeria into a Somalia scenario. because you could imagine with me, WHY WOULD SUCH A DEADLY FRATERNITY CALL A CEASEFIRE UNCONDITIONALLY?. from history i have known it has never happen, its either a truce,compromise,dialogue or a surrender

The united states has ever been at alert after the cold war, but not as much as after it was attacked by osama Ben laden. if Nigeria would conceive that it has been at alert to any fraction tending to disintegrate its unity which can be individually questioned though, i think its time for it to formulate much more active and iron breaking secret agencies which will stand majorly for the unity of its people and not politically motivated agencies conceived out of greed filled with unpatriotic criminals who lust just after wealth and power for their predators. its time agencies are filled with patriotic citizens who are ready to give their lives for the protection,peace and unity of their families, agencies created to have autonomy free from political interference,people who walk tirelessly to bring to justice with stiff penalty every perpetrator and violator of the law. an agency under due process where even the president or any government body is subjected to the law.

As citizens been the government mustn’t be fool by a mere fraction of it, the majority must work together to see that justice prevailed at all cost


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living a fulfilled life is a choice. choose wisely


the menace that divides a nation comes from nothing less than the undemocratic alliance of the ruling parties to come to a compromise over issues that benefit and unite every individual regardless of diversity in that nation, instead it tends to create a point of view where governing a country is a contract business stemming from individual greed and the accumulation of wealth for the yet unborn generation at the detriment of the present official beneficiaries. the political or the ruling class tends to see the position of managing both the people and its resources as a game of the elite in which democracy is no more seen as the “government of the people, by the people and for the people” but as the government based on the imposition of policies that are favorable to the only few in corridors of power at whatever level been considered and not a system of government which tend to put the security,social well-being and the convenience of its citizen before personal interest. your votes no more count as a citizen but instead “who i decide to succeed me is who you must accept” at no compromise. Despotism is now finding its way back to the society of democracy through a form of fraternity.

in a country of diverse ethnic groups and religion, the colonial masters wouldn’t have done anything better than leaving a language of unity. which has been the bedrock of our mutual agreement, understanding and co-existence. it has really been a solution for unity for the past decades. but looking into the future,our co-existence especially in the north is threatened, our freedom is jeopardize, freedom of speech promised is restricted and most of all our education has been jeopardized by strike and corruption in the government.

A memorandum of understanding(MoU) reached in 2009 has been bridged by the government again whose children “suffer more or less and dwell in a grey twilight that knows no defeat nor shame”. The children of the masses ones again are at home wandering about, most aimlessly, putting their faith on the decision of the few elite who believes they rule the world. the last time this occurrence of strike surfaced, a student while scouting for his survival was knocked down by a truck and died instantly,etc.

now what is left for a nation whose pride is been diminished by illiteracy of its masses, lack of an adequate educational structure leading to the negligence and poor performance of the young ones and wanting to acquire money as the only means of survival instead of knowledge. Who holds the key to our most important hope of existence?.EDUCATION. i believe our future lies in our hands. we alone can unlock the solution to our problems most especially our literacy.

its time parents take on the full course of their responsibility,its time they train and be the first role model to their children before they go out there to the world, its time teachers and lecturers see their duty as a sacrifice to the betterment and development of the nation, its time they treat every child with equal rights so as to foster encouragement on the general ground and its high time youths from various works of life reason together, most especially those in the higher institution who are perceived to be literate stand up for what is right because the survival of the nation depends to a great extent on us and its our major hope of survival..




“Living a successful life in advance envisioned in reality only comes within the existence of a MELANCHOLIC trait”
i want to be the president, i want to own a company, i want to make a difference in my world, i want to date and marry the most beautiful girl ever, i want to ride the best car ever…what if all this will pose a greater problem for me in the nearest future, what should be my contingency plan. well i can go into the politics and get appointed instead of contesting, i could possibly own a joint company,a girl not too beautiful but okay for presentation wouldn’t be a bad idea, even if i wont be in the UN to make decisions that will shape my generation, i could as well be a staunch supporter of a favorable policy for recognition…
when i sit down alone, which is what i love doing most, what comes to my mind is the pessimism of an adventure into the future which commemorates my reason for existence.
i might have not been born with a silver spoon,or come from the family of a leading technocrat,or neither am i connected to the bureaucrat class,but deep down in my thoughts while day-dreaming, i could see myself getting above all limitations, bringing justice to an unjust generation, living the foundation upon which the world was built(that every man is created in the image of GOD,with free will), challenging the existence of all conspiracy theory which tend to tear our world’s apart.
I could see myself leading a world where the believe of “personal liberty” constitute the basis in which all constitution is built,where there is neither hate nor greed, where there is the even distribution of wealth and rights.
I wonder deep in my thought, until i hit one of the trees in an imaginary world of thoughts. this time, my thoughts shifted immediately to what has been a major concern for the past five years of my life. LOVE, these questions keep posing as a source of hindrance for my ability to actually fall or grow in love. what if this love is a conspiracy to lure souls to hell?, what if the love been said in the bible is actually been misinterpreted?, is it actually possible to love without pain?,when genuine love is not reciprocated should it be forgotten and let go?, why does it hurt so much to love and very easy to hate?, does love actually makes one weak or strong in disguise?, and so many other questions keep pondering my thoughts.
I have lived for this past years trying to find answers to some of this rhetoric questions that has really prove to be unanswered. but recently in my thought, i thought i have actually find some answers to some of the questions.
a little story: by the time i finished secondary school, i have never kissed nor do anything stupid in my life (you know what i mean) that should cause me any sort of lifetime depression whenever such event crossed my mind. but when before entering the higher institution, i got to experience what you might call a minor incidence in relationship which actually was not self-instigated but compelled upon, i got to realize that what the ordinary mind feels a relationship should be all about was just a false flag of what the game is actually all about. and this made me think going into a relationship with an initial mindset of love becomes a conspiracy in the actual concept which later leads to desertion and eventually sin of nature and of the body. i thought i did fall in love just to save an emotion, but i was actually in a process to understand some major engineering’s which gives some of the abstract result we get in life. i finally broke her heart, as it is generally termed, but to me, have just saved her years that could be utilized meaningfully instead of been wasted in a sort of affection that doesn’t really exist from the onset, just a pity for a wanting emotion. so i decided to put a pin through her heart, saving the arrow for the greater future of the game if i will ever be played by an hardened heart.
in fulfilling the reality of this thoughts, only one thing has come to my mind, that is “reciprocation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”. if the world will ever change from its present predicament into a future of equal greener pastures, every continent,country,citizen and people must harbor in his or her mind a certain degree of unconditional love towards another, we must see other as we see ourselves, everyman must learn to be free from the captivities of himself before he ever thinks he can free his neighbor. though our strength lies in our diversities, but we must understand that only unconditional loves is what connects and gives us more strength in unism than diversion. finally, we should know that despite our individual strength, the “GOLDEN RULE” should be the major factor to justify the purpose of our co-existence and should never for once be neglected then will the peace which is sort after for century’s in our world be achieved.

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*dusts blog* Please, don’t ask me why I haven’t written anything in months-I won’t have a reasonable explanation for that. *shrugs* Well Well Well,it’s so so good to be back here *smiles* Thanks to a whole lot of you who have always been concerned as to why I stayed off for a while, and also to those of you who didn’t bother to ask…thanks all the same!

Few Months from now, I’m going to be eighteen. Meaning officially, I’ll be an adult by then. Thinking about this brings mixed thoughts to my heart and makes me have mixed feelings. Although I am excited that I’m actually moving into a new phase of my life, I’m a bit nervous about what the future holds for me. Also, I am not too happy ’cause there are a thousand things I could have done in my previous years which I was ignorant of…

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